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So today we hit day number four of NaNoWriMo.

I’m waking up extra early each day and working for three or four hours. I’m writing fast towards my 10,000 word badge and I’m very pleased with how this novel is evolving. I have an outline of the major plot points I want to hit, but like any of the other stuff I write, it shapes and evolves as I learn and grow with the characters.

I’m also working on trying to write more words per hour so that I can produce more content (beyond just this book) faster. One of the things I intend on doing with my life is writing  for a living. So if I can put together and write more effectively, that will help me in the long run. So far I’ve noticed with most things on my #FinishIt2015 campaign is that anything that I want to do, I have to wake up early and start working on it.

It’s crazy how much time I wasted most days through social media, YouTube, etc etc and not actually finishing the projects I’ve been wanting to do. What a waste! I’m so glad I’ve finally figured out how to buckle down and start… As well as finish… Projects that have been burning on the back of my mind for years!

This story (//.Machina) is one that I started writing when I was in highschool (almost ten years ago) and subsequently lost the first five chapters I had written. So I put the story on the backburner until I really wanted to write it again while I focused on my superhero novel and Virapets. It’s been almost a decade and I’m such a different person now, the story is still what the original idea was, but with a more evolved feel to it. I completely adore how it’s turning out and I’m excited to get it finished.

Nathan Seals is an independent filmmaker, artist, and author who has created various comic books, films, role-playing systems, and card and board games throughout the years. He’s either insane, or a genius. Either way he’s having fun.

Bonus: Anyways, here’s an unedited bit from the book if you’re interested in reading.

   “Okay.” Daku started, staring at the bottom of his wrist and swiping his finger several times over the small holo-display that was positioned there. A timer was counting down rapidly, causing Daku to show his sister the display and tap it, “We’ve got seventeen minutes before the security system goes back up and STAI starts raiding the building. That whole vent thing cost us fifteen minutes.”

“Fantastic.” Kaeba said as she crossed her arms. She often did this when she was uncomfortable in a situation and usually ended up bailing on it whenever she was. No matter how much she tried, she could never get over the sensation that her life would soon be over and that did not sit well with her. They just needed to download the money to the accounts and get out; out of this city, out of this server. Just out.

The bell chimed and the doors opened, Kaeba’s blades shot out from her forearms like wings and she burst down the halls once again, following the neon blue line down the hall and towards the security panel that would override the inner security to the safe that was their target. In their way was the same Herupa who had been the victim of their attack several floors above and had made its way down to meet the two as they emerged from the elevator, chattering cheerful warnings that the intruders had to leave the premises because it was private property and forming a large bladed weapon from its back and attaching it to its forearm, swinging down and slicing into the ground.

Kaeba did not stop her run, instead opting to rush to the side of the hall and jump up onto the wall, hitting it and flipping over the Herupa, slicing down as she did so. However this time was different because the AI had grown its usually soft body into a more solid plastic covering that allowed them to take less damage with the blades.

    This was a defense mechanism that Kaeba had never actually seen before.

    From Daku’s forearm flipped handles that hissed and buzzed as it formed into a set of glowing orange axes that could be used effectively in these sort of combat situations. He rushed towards the AI and began attacking it, ducking and dodging the large sweeping attacks of the much larger Herupa.