So I know it’s a bit late, but I really liked the idea that Shannon Purser would be up for playing Squirrel Girl in either a movie or Netflix series. Honestly, I’d rather see a Netflix series, because I think it’ll give the creative licence to just do what needs to be done with the character… Plus it’s great to be able to spend ten to thirteen episodes getting to know the character, a character that is funny and endearing.

Anyways, I wrote this as a ‘warm up’ for one of my writing days. The story is essentially Doreen at a convenience store trying to buy some nuts, but the place gets robbed by a trio of bad guys, including ‘the Orb’ who is a very D list villain from Marvel. I also introduced a second character, who, in my mind at least, would be an important character in the series.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT HERE: squirrel-girl-inconvienence-store