Short Stories

Gasping heavily as he ran down the dark hallway in a dead sprint, the heavyset boy Jack, clad in emoji boxers and old t-shirt, slid past a corner and quickly regained traction as he burst down a second hallway towards his bedroom. The boy had two options; run to his bedroom or die a horrible, awful, terrible, death that involved being burned alive or something.
Running. He chose running. Despite being a hefty boy, about sixteen, he ran. Jack had already started to prepare for bed that night when /it/ showed up at his doorstep. The Caorthannach, a fire spitter, an extra-dimensional monster that, for some reason, was currently in his house and looking for blood. One second Jack was brushing his teeth and the next a terrible extra-dimensional monster was staring into the window, which was rapidly melting at the simple act of touching the glass.
The Caorthannach was a massive black creature made up of hardened lava and pure rage. The thousand degree molten lava inside of its body was visibly getting hotter, something that was obvious through the cracks in its skin. The orange-red color ran from its mouth all the way to its long tail and cast an ember-like glow on everything around it.
“Shit shit shit shit.” Jack repeatedly swore as he rushed towards the door of his bedroom, his knees nearly hitting his chest every step along the way. Luckily his mom had a date tonight, so she wouldn’t be harmed. His mind flashed with images of his mother making out with the teacher she had decided she ‘hit it off’ with during one of the parent teacher conferences. Jack gagged at the thought of his mom making out with anyone. On top of that, he was an old bald guy who was more muscle than person. He had to have spent at least a thousand hours in the gym. Why did people waste their time working out, anyway? Especially because magic was a real thing.
Not that anyone else knew that.
Jack stopped mid-run and bent over to take in several deep breaths. Alright. So maybe he needed to work out. The dark haired boy pulled his toothbrush out of his mouth and brushed his arm across his chin to sop up some of the wetness that had gathered there. God damnit.
Suddenly the creature appeared in the archway beside him; even at such a distance it loomed over him. Jack swallowed the lump in his throat. Hard. He barely got out a syllable of the swear word forming on his lips before the ape-like fire spitter suddenly charged at him like a gorilla, smashing through the wall across from him as he lunged desperately to the side and rolled over onto his back.
‘I am so grounded.’ He thought, looking at the path of destruction that the creature had smashed into the house. Everything was catching on fire, so he quickly rolled up onto all fours and started to rush forward again as best as he could. At the very least he needed to try to explain to his mom that he was part of a small party of teen extra-dimensional warrior wizards that were sworn to protect all of the dimensions from a psycho flaming skull-you know what- that sounds insane. She was just going to think he is insane and lock him in one of those white suits with the sleeves and- that’s when the creature smashed through the wall.
The creature appeared in the hallway in between him and his bedroom, and roaring loudly enough to shake the entire house.
Well, he wasn’t going to get his wand now.
The creature smashed its fists into the ground and inched ever closer to him, so he slowly stepped back, taking in several deep breaths as he felt his body hit the wall behind him.
Jack felt the sweat (brought on by the pure heat of the creature) begin to pour down his face. He was so dead. Desperately, he looked around for something, anything he could use as a wand. He just needed a stick, or a broom or… Wait!
“My toothbrush!” Jack shouted loudly, lifting the brush into the air triumphantly. The creature returned a confused expression, hesitating at the sudden change of mood coming from the boy.
“This better work…” Jack gritted his teeth and swung the toothbrush out in front of him, holding it tightly with two hands and feeling the energy from his spell building up in his chest and pouring towards his hands…
What did you think of this story?
What did you think of this story?


“The rain poured over the farm as it embraced the night. Her bare feet hit the ground over and over, spraying mud up into the air and onto her legs. She ran as fast as she had ever run in her life, but soon the blond tripped and staggered, attempting to regain her balance as her body continued to push forward. She splashed into the mud and closed her eyes tightly. Don’t look back, God please don’t let me look back. Suddenly the sound of of a loud vibrating roar filled the air, almost immediately filling her ears with a loud ringing that overpowered the other sounds of the trees around her and the brightness of that horrific presence rolled into the darkness, if only for a moment before fading out once again. Bright spots lingered in her eyes as she stumbled and then began to run again through the rocks and the mud that threatened to consume the life around her and the branches that reached out to claw into her skin and hold her back.

The young woman’s throat burned and her chest was filled with a sharp pain as her lungs swelled for air as she continued to push herself forward. After she pushed her way past several branches, she stopped to catch her breath, leaning heavily onto the moss covered tree in front of her and coughing loudly, blood spattering from her throat and onto her pale, shivering hand. Whispers filled the air around her and she quickly closed her eyes again, covering her ears and screaming into the sky, “Stop! Make it go away! Pleeaassee!” She begged, tears filling her eyes and mixing onto her skin with the rain which escaped through the trees as the roll of thunder crashed through the night air.

The whispers began to build louder and louder as she felt the static, twitchy presence of the being draw closer behind her, almost bringing with it a pale light. The girl wobbled a bit and grasped at the tree in front of her, pressing her forehead into the bark, almost begging for it to take her.

Suddenly she felt the breath being ripped out of her and she hacked as she tried to gain and form of breath, hitting the tree and reaching to her neck. Wrapping her cold fingers around her throat in desperation, the girl slowly turned around, begging inwardly for the life she knew would end so soon. With a loud gasp, her eyes shot open and immediately caught the fullness of what was behind her. The girl let out a long scream as her head was pulled forward and crimson blood was forced from her eyes and mouth and across her chilled, pale skin.”

Fairmont: Season One
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