Despite his appearance, Hydra is not a multi-limbed hero. Hydra actually possesses an incredibly over active healing factor that allows him to regenerate decapitated limbs. organs, bones, and even blood at incredible speeds. Because his healing factor is so overactive, his body will often spawn multiple limbs to overcompensate for the first lost limb in a sort of defensive maneuver, resulting in multiple limbs regrowing on his body at any given time. After several hours his body will realize that the limb is useless and fall off, leaving the correct amount of limbs for him to function normally in society.

This is an idea I’ve had tumbling around in my head for quite some time. Glad to finally get him on paper. Also, I need to work on getting his character model finished. 02

These are some designs for my Superhero Comic Book Universe! Neat right? This is what I’ve been doing the last several months. Trying to get as many character models done as possible. Several of them need to be remade, plus I have over two-hundred characters in my library right now, but overall I’m happy with the progress I’m making.

I’ve been reading a lot of Invincible lately, so this was kind of inspired by the ass kicking Invincible constantly gets into, but always manages to get through. Invincible serves as a major influence on my own comics, so I kind of did this as a fun test of doing a battle damaged Reaper Girl, which I’m sure will end up happening multiple times.

Art by Nathan Seals

Did some practicing on my cartoony style last night and I quite like how it’s turning out. Also included, a character who will later appear in a card game I’m creating, Morgan the Reaper Girl, Hellhound, and of course, Invader Zim. – Nathan Seals

I absolutely love the Valiant universe (probably because they’re an indie publishing company that’s doing what I want to do) and really wanted to do some fan art of it. Bloodshot was the obvious choice, especially because they’re tossing around some casting choices for the movie. Ahhh! – Nathan Seals